The WSC Difference

We’re a small-town firm with big heart, world-class service, and national resources.
Here’s what you’ll experience as a client of Wilmink Smith Cline…

Real People Serving Real People

Dirt road leading to a barn with sunset

At Wilmink Smith Cline, we consider ourselves “general practitioners of finance.” We work with a wide range of clients in different industries throughout the tri-state area and across the nation—small business, manufacturing, healthcare—but what our clients have in common is their love for family and their drive to succeed. To put it simply, we work with people who are a lot like us. We care about our community, we want to make a difference in our jobs and in the world, and we want to live a life of meaning. You can count on first-class, professional service when you work with us, but at the end of the day, we love lacing up our boots and going for a hike through the hills. So whether you wear a three-piece suit or heavy-duty boots when you work, you’re welcome here.

White Glove Service

No matter who you are, we want you to feel like a VIP at WSC. We don’t have A clients and B clients; we serve everyone with the proactive attention they deserve. We do everything in our power to make life simpler for you, from hand-delivering forms to mailing follow-up letters about your annual reviews. Our goal is for you to have confidence that we’re here for you, and we’ll make sure you stay on the right financial path through every season of life. One of the best parts of our job is watching our clients let go of their worries because they know we have their backs and are looking out for them and the people they love.

Morning Radiance

Fully Licensed Team

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We might be based in a rural town with gorgeous mountain views, but we have the kind of expert resources you’d find in New York City or Chicago. As a client of WSC, you’ll work with a fully licensed team of experienced professionals, each with the unique expertise and knowledge to serve your planning needs. Our firm was founded in 1988, and we continue to invest in the education and growth of our team members every day. We collaborate with each other to provide the most well-rounded service available, and we leverage the support and resources of Northwestern Mutual to ensure you have the best tools to support your success. As fiduciary advisors, we’re committed to serving your best interests, first and always.