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Meet Our Team

At Wilmink Smith Cline Wealth Advisors, we want to be the advisor you trust to help you create a lifetime of financial security. To us, that means making sure you, your family and your business are protected, whether you live, whether you die prematurely, whether you become disabled, or you develop long-term health problems.

Most important, we’re driven to make sure you receive the best possible advice to help you achieve the goals and desired outcomes you’re looking for. That means getting to know you, in-depth, face-to-face, until we have a true understanding of your wants and needs.

With the backing of Northwestern Mutual, Wilmink Smith Cline Wealth Advisors has all of the latest tools, information and technology available anywhere, to help create a personalized financial plan that is unique to you and your specific situation.

Wilmink Smith Cline Wealth Advisors is led by experienced wealth management advisors Tom Wilmink, Evan Smith and Brandon Cline. To learn more about their passion to help their clients, we invite you to view the video above.

Meeting photo
Meeting photo